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About us

Q: Who are we? A: Good People

LIVE LAUGH LOVE is our affirmation.

We are pretty simple people. We love hiking, observing flowers and nature. We don’t pretend we know everything and always open to learn more. We love working with natural ingredients, formulating skin care and understanding how ingredients affect our body and health.

Sativa Organics is not our first brand. In fact, we have two more brands that we have started since 2007:
Opas Soap and Original Swedish Bitter
Sometimes you’ll find us rescuing bees and beetles. We’ve helped rescue pigs and people.



We are a couple

Married for 8 years and together for almost 15.

What’s the most important in life to us?

#1 Family, you only get one of those.
#2 Friends, we have a great supportive continental bunch. 
#3 Animals, the welfare of animals is one of our priorities.
#4 Nature, we are regulars at One Tree Planted.
#5 Quality, there's enough junk out there.

How did we get started with Sativa Organics?

We took some CBD a couple years ago and gave some to Thomas, mum, Renate who has dementia. Surprisingly Renate responded very well to the CBD that we gave her. It gave her a lot of energy and she could even remember us at times.
About 4 years ago we started talking about formulating CBD into our products but because of the legality of it, we decided to wait. Now we are excited to do our part and help people get the relief that they need. Everyone has a right to improve their quality of living and live with minimal complaints.
Thank you for going on this journey with us.