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Pros and cons of Water Soluble CBD vs Full Spectrum CBD

Weighing out the pros and cons of Water Soluble CBD vs Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Water Solubles bioavailability, since it’s water, is higher than oil. It means, faster absorption but because we lose water through perspiration and through our excretory system, it’s said that we lose CBD. Full Spectrum Oil, like any oil that you ingest, has a different way of getting processed in the body. Oils and fats require enzymes that are present in your saliva and gastric juice to help breakdown triglycerides.

Our liver has to produce bile which then mixes with oils and fats so they become more water soluble and then they become available for the body to breakdown by the lipase (enzymes).Absorption hasn’t taken place yet, this is another process that requires free fatty acids and monoglycerides to be released into the small intestine where later fat particles and fat soluble vitamins enter the bloodstream.  It takes about 30 minutes for full spectrum CBD oil to take effect and when it becomes available, 90% of the oil is no longer available because it was destroyed through digestion.

Because of the way fats and oils are metabolized, Full Spectrum Oil will stay longer in your body and therefore have a longer lasting effect vs water soluble CBD which can exit when you urinate but it’s bioavailability is almost instant. 

More pros and cons: Full Spectrum has naturally occurring amounts of THC. Our Full Spectrum 900mg has 0.06 - way under the 0.3% limit. Our Water Soluble CBD has no THC.