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Can CBD help you lose weight?

Obesity as a widespread disease. One of the biggest problems of our time - obesity. The number of overweight people worldwide is increasing every year. This is particularly true for countries like the US, but it also affects Germany and even developing and emerging countries like India. You may be wondering how cannabidiol can be linked to this issue. In fact, CBD has recently been seen as an insider tip for losing weight. Please read below.

The battle of Weight Loss

Obesity is a serious health problem that often leads to further health problems. Diabetes, high blood pressure, breathing difficulties or sleep apnea (increased fatigue) are just some of the many accompanying symptoms. In general, obesity leads to a drastic reduction in the quality of life. For this reason, many sufferers long for controlled weight loss and a happier life.

However, the battle for weight loss is anything but a walk in the park. It is clear that a lot of exercise and a healthy diet are the best options to achieve weight loss. In addition to various diets, people are increasingly considering synthetic products. These are, for example, fat-binding capsules, diet pills or even prescription slimming products. This often happens out of desperation to get rid of excesses fat. But taking these remedies can be critical. Possible side effects range from headaches and tachycardia to circulatory problems.

Through research, we have found CBD to be an efficient, low side effect alternative to support you in your weight loss journey. Even I have experienced some of these wonderful symptoms. Read on to find out more about the potential of CBD and how it can benefit you.

Hard to beat in Versatility

In the meantime, CBD is known to have positive results in various fields of application. It is believed that CBD is effective against MS, Crohn's disease and cancer and can be used for treatment. The pain-relieving effect is the main focus here.

But how does CBD affect Weight Loss?

The main reason for the appetite stimulate resulting from cannabis use is THC. This is also intoxicating. The situation is different with CBD, which can be legally consumed. Meanwhile, our CBD oil and water soluble is often even said to have a appetite suppressing effect - but that is not all:

Weight Loss through CBD

CBD has an anorectic effect, thus curbing appetite and preventing cravings. It is also believed to have positive effects on metabolism and fat burning. How can these be explained? A Korean study has dealt intensively with the topic and has come to the following results.

  • Through the stimulation of genes and proteins, the oxidation and breakdown of fat, CBD has a positive effect on metabolism and facilitates weight loss.
  • CBD can increase the number of mitochondria and increase their activity. Mitochondria are particularly important for the breakdown of body fat.
  • CBD can inhibit proteins involved in fat cell production. If their spread is restricted, this also means that the body builds up less fat.
  • CBD can also be used against anxiety and depression. For many sufferers, it is precisely these psychological ailments that cause over-eating and contribute decisively to obesity.
  • CBD works directly and indirectly against overweight. Based on research and my experience, CBD is very useful for aiding the loss of weight.

Which product is suitable for Losing Weight?

We do not yet have many concrete experience reports on CBD and weight loss, but it can be assumed that a simple oil with 5 or more percent is very suitable. However, it makes more sense to use a higher dosage product directly, as you pay less per milligram of active ingredient and can continue taking it for longer periods of time to lose weight.

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